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Why Using Toilet Bidet Is Greener Than Toilet Paper!!

Did you know that using bidet is much more recommendable today than using toilet papers?

Over the past 400 years, people across Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East have cleansed their nether regions with bidets. Still, Americans are just now hopping on the bidet bandwagon and for a good reason.

Using Bidet vs. Using Toilet Papers

Regardless of the popularity of bidets, many experts recommend using bidet than toilet papers. Unfortunately, a lot of research and studies conclude that toilet papers, in general, cause nothing but harm, especially to the environment.

Toilet Paper Usage

According to many green advocates, the toiler paper industry is “responsible” for the apparent destruction of 27,000 trees per day. Annually, the number even reaches to over 3 million. Hence, this has become really problematic as it impacts the environment as well as everyone.

Another factor why using toiler papers is now being frowned upon is because flushing toiler papers causes a waster waste amounting to 37 gallons. And this is really detrimental to the environment.

Bidet Usage

On the other hand, using bidet is much more recommendable in the sense that the overall water waste is only at a pint. Hence, there is a huge difference between the two. 

Here’s why a bidet toilet is a great alternative to toilet paper:

1. You’re washing off the toilet residue instead of spreading it around.

The number one reason I hate toilet paper is because when you “wipe” you are really just spreading all the stuff you are wiping around. You do get a lot of it off, but where does the rest go exactly? When you use a bidet all “the rest” goes in the toilet where it belongs.

2. It feels better.

Toilet paper is kind of scratchy. Even the high end stuff. Bidets feel better. The water takes a little getting used to, but it makes you feel so darn good. Fresh and clean. Which is awesome.

3. If you get constipated a bidet can do something about it.

This is a unique feature of a bidet. But most people have occasional constipation. And if you do than a bidet can loosen you up without straining. Can toilet paper do that. Nope… don’t think so.

4. No paper to flush.

Americans flush 5 billion dollars, 36.5 billion toilet paper rolls, or 20 million trees a year down the toilet. With a bidet there is no paper waste. Simply water (about the same amount you use in a normal flush) and a little bit of electricity if you want heated water and a dryer. Overall, a bidet is much less wasteful than toilet paper.

5. It feels better.

I know I mentioned this before, but it bears repeating. A bidet toilet feels AWESOME. It’s a great toilet paper alternative.

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